Who's got the best “crappest” xmas gift – YOU choose.

Wow, now that’s a dodgy and gramatically incorrect title if there ever was one. So sorry I’m so late in posting the finalists for the #SEScrapmas competition . Turns out Wednesday (which was the deadline) was actually yesterday, days kind of blur when you are on maternity leave. The other day I walked out in my slippers, have also found my house keyes in strange places, you get the drift – I’m “two sandwiches short of a picnic” at the moment.

Anywho, thanks to everyone that entered the competition and hellped us spread the word, we had some cracking coverage and entries. We had so much fun hearing some of the stories and seeing the pictures of your “crap” Christmas gifts. Now YOU choose who will WIN the SES London conference ticket. And as us SEO’s have a tendency to spam the fuck out of online polls (come on we’ve all done it) SEO-Chicks have decided that votes will be cast via the comments instead. So without further ados here are the top 3 entires:

Entry 1. Andy Blackburn @andyblackburn who got a Lego of “Sears Tower” in Chicago, niiiiice, oh dear, we recon that is a pretty rubbish Christmas gift.

Entry 2. Joanna Butler @JoannaButler who actually got Clothes pegs for Christmas, that really made me giggle. It’s useful but not really high on your wish list I bet, a typical “caring Auntie” gift.

Entry 3. David Reynolds @Reynolds_UK who got a signed photograph of Matt Cutts, lol brilliant! At least the person that gave you this David had a sense of humour, I’m kind of secretly wishing it was from your girlfriend, that would be so funny. Oh Matt , if you read this. no offence, the SEO chicks would of course love a signed photo of you, any day icon_smile-9268545

In addition, we would like to give an honorable mention to Claire Carlile @clairecarlile and her “nipple tassles” (yes seriously), which just raises several questions I don’t dare thinking about icon_smile-9268545 But as we know Claire already has a ticket to SES London we figured someone else would get the chance to attend. But thank you Claire for entertaining us and making us giggle, you’re too funny!

All votes will be counted and winner announced by Tuesday 18th January (figured I would extend the voting a few days as I’m a bit slow publishing the finalists). Let the voting begin!

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