Why Am I deCabbit And What Does It Mean?

Today seems like a good day for a bit of silliness with almost no link to SEO at all.� As with all things in my life, there is a link to SEO anyway, despite its tenuous nature.

Japanese animation, Pioneer and cabbits are inexorably linked for me.� While some may enjoy other anime (and I am a huge fan of �Bubblegum Crists�, �Ranma �� and Lodoss Wars�), I love �Tenchi Muyo�.� In this series there is a character that is small, cute and furry called �Ryo-oh-ki� http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ryo-Ohki .� Now, Ryo-oh-ki�s name possibly translates as �something small that has the potential to be big� which is fitting since she can change from a small cabbit to a really big spaceship.

Now, in the anime (short for Japanese animation), Ryo-oh-ki does cute, if uncoordinated, things like walking in to glass doors, rolling down hills, just being cute, etc.� My husband, also a fan, decided that this character blended the correct amount of lack of coordination and cuteness to match me and my agility.� Apparently I rolled a 2 on a 3D6 for dexterity. (For non-gamers � 3D6 relates to rolling three dice having 6 sides each, numbered from one to six.)

How does this relate to SEO?Searching for something is all about trying to find something and so I wanted to be found.� Now, being fond of my husband, I decided to use the cabbit term of affection online as a distinctive name.� I share the same name as a journalist, doctor and other persons of note so it seemed sensible.� The popularity of Tenchi Muyo meant it was not possible to easily carve out a distinctive identity.

In creating a distinctive identity I can do a vanity search on, I had to create a new name.� I noticed some names started with a lower case �de� which could mean �the� and so as I am �the cabbit� I changed that to �deCabbit�.� Chick logic, apparently icon_smile-4726523

These days, part of the process of naming a business, movie or other big budget enterprise, is the availability of the �.com� domain name.� Fail this initial test and the name is often scrapped.� In building a brand with a unique identity the �.com� is essential and failing to secure it before a cyber-squatter does could cost your business thousands in lost traffic and costs of buying the name.

So there you have it.� I am �deCabbit� because I wanted to be able to do a vanity search and find me.� I wanted friends to be able to find me and I wanted a unique, cute, catchy alt.name to be known by.� I wanted my own domain name I could post silly stuff to.� And like anyone, I was hoping for some (link) love� icon_smile-4726523

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