Verizon Fios: Doing Twitter Right!

It seems like years ago now that I moved into my own apartment and started looking at cable and Internet options. In actuality it was only two months ago. When I discovered that Verizon Fios was available in my location, I automatically went online to activate an account and schedule an installation. I wanted the fastest Internet possible!

The online activation was simple and easy to use. In about five minutes I put in my information and scheduled a date. One second later I got what I thought was a confirmation email. The email lacked any sort of number or code however. I called customer service to alert them about my order and their neglect on confirmation numbers. The customer service rep explained that sometimes ‘the system‘ takes 24 hrs to send a number and I might get the email tomorrow. I hate phone calls like this.

These sort of phone calls continued for a few weeks and I started to get really upset. I had to steal crappy internet at home and it was not fun! So I started expressing my Fios related sorrows on Twitter. Within a few minutes, I received a DM from the Fios twitter guy. Finally! We talked for a bit on Twitter (see pictures) and I got a call from a few new Fios people who helped me and got my Fios installed on A Sunday morning. Now I have the fastest internet evar!

The morale of the story is that if this Verizon Fios employee was not monitoring Twitter for brand mentions, my anger would have left me to some serious brand bashing. Instead of writing this nice blog post that includes a link to the Verizon Fios site.. I would have posted a negative blog post, continued to tweet about how awful they were, and possibly participated in forum bashing. Not that I have a huge voice but I’m louder than just a regular chick, because I’m and SEO chick!!

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2 Responses to “Verizon Fios: Doing Twitter Right!”

  1. Julie Joyce says:

    I love it when something that I consider kind of a huge time waster (ah, fun Twitter, how I love you and hate you) shows amazing positive results like this…monitoring Twitter, or any social media, for brand bashing is actually quite a brilliant and proactive idea. It kind of relieves the consumer from having to take action and do something horrible like pick up a phone, which I almost refuse to do. I may start tweeting about how I am REALLY pissed that I don’t get free lattes, just in case any Starbucks employees are lurking.

  2. Stephanie says:

    Actually you can follow @starbucks :)

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