deCabbit About Town… an da Wurld

Seems shooting off my gob is becoming a habit – an addictive one at that.  Knowing how much trouble my mouth can get me in, I decided to channel it in to something more productive.  So I’m doing some speaking stuff and in case you’d like to come alone to heckle or support, I thought I’d share.

Today I’m off talking about Online Brand Reputation Management at the Web 2.0 Practical Applications for Business Benefit Conference Something I think everyone needs to do but I’m specifically talking brands.  I’ll be talking people later icon_smile-5307648   Today I’m just focusing on trying to help brands do better stuff online.

Next week, I get to gab about my in-house experiences before I joined i-level.  I’ll be at SMX East talking as part of the In-House day.  I get to gab about how I got around the obstacles inherent in the work us in-housers have to do.  FUN!  Hey – if you’re there, I’m bringing M&S chocolate truffles and Celebrations chocolate bonbons – hit me up for some chocolaty luuuurrrrvvveeee!

Week after next – otherwise known as October 14th & 15th – I’ll be speaking at the A4U Expo on SEO stuff.  My first talk is the basics – just about what everyone can do to optimise their site.  My top 10 tips only I share as much as I can squeeze in to 40 min icon_smile-5307648   Then on day 2 I team up with Rob Kerry and we discuss what you can do given Google is trying to be the Church of SEO.  I promise to be my heretical best icon_razz-2204686

Following on from A4U is Social Media in Business which is a great day away from London in Marlow.  A fantastic line up where my name gets changed Judith De-Cabbit includes Toby Moores who is FANTASTC as are Will McInnes  and Neville Hobson.  Really one to leave London for – it is going to rock!

I get the fantastic honour of speaking at SMX London about legal issues facing search.  I am not a lawyer – my dad is and I almost went to law school but was saved at the last moment by psychology.  I still may go back to school and may end up going to law school eventually but I think an MBA comes first. Anyway!  I’m chuffed to be at both SMX East and SMX London so watch out – MORE CHOCBAIT FOR EVERYONE!

How cool is it to talk about “The Dark Side” – well I get to at the IMS 2008 show the Information Management Solutions Show – what a mouthful!  Well, I get to speak on The Dark Side of Social Media and talk about all those mistakes people have made, how not to make them, how to do it right and the new changes to the law.  So lots and lots!

So that’s me shooting off my gob for this year.  Thanks for your indulgence folks!  I’m passionate about search and helping companies deliver relevant results and one way is through talking about search and related subjects all about the town – and the world icon_biggrin-1036945

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