Google on the grapevine…

I recently overheard (hence the reference to ‘grapevines’ in my title ;o) two interesting facts about how Google evaluates the legitimacy of a site. So – being a more of a marketing orientated person than an SEO one, I wanted to put the two out there and see if anyone can offer to shed a bit of light over the reliability of this info:

  1. Is it true that if Google sees more than 88 outbound list on a single domain, they are likely to consider it a ‘scraper’ site? Now, I presume that it would also depend on a combination of a few other factors – like the age of the domain… But can you confirm or deny the essence of the core statement?
  2. And secondly, is it true that if you bought a new domain, you should register it for longer than the initial 1 year, if you wanted to be taken more seriously by Google and possibly avoid spending too long in its ‘sand box’? (of course only if you intended on keeping the domain in the long term).

Thanks in advance icon_surprised-8352711 )

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