Social Media Ice Cream

This week I noticed a lot of great things happen in the social media space. Many yummy, tasty social media treats! Since Tuesday, different Ice Cream franchises have been offering special discounts or free ice cream through the Blogosphere, Facebook, and Twitter.




Additionally, they did a great job at outreach as I spent the day seeing millions of pictures of the lines that were circling around the block for ice-cream. I looked at massive amounts of Twitter posts where people tweeted the participated location and the wait time. With all of the social effort put into this campaign, it was a huge success. But in other Ice-Cream regards, it seems like Ben & Jerry’s knows what they are doing.


  • Weds, April 30th = Baskin Robbin’s 31 Cent Scoop Night- Not as impressive as Ben & Jerry’s campaign but still took a decent Facebook initiative. It’s Event Page has over 350,000 RSVPS (maybe’s, not attending, and attendees). That is a huge amount of engagement. They are also donating funds to a Fire Fighters charity and only having the promotion for 5 hours.


  • Thursday, May 1st= Carvel launches it’s new Drink Flavors with Free Drinks. This campaign was not executed too well. While, yes I found the event listed on Facebook, it was realy nowhere else. I did find a bunch of boring PR about the new flavors they are promoting, but no creative, no engaging interactive applications, nothing. Their website is not too helpful either, it does have a call out on the homepage, but the CTA links to basically nothing. Seems like Carvel was not completely prepared to launch this campaign but decided to jump on the bandwagon of Ice Cream promotions week.


I hope everyone has enjoyed their Ice Cream treats this week!

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