Taking the Masks off – Revealing the Identities

The new SEO-Chicks have been revealed and they are already planning their first official blogposts. But as we revealed the identities of our winners we have also received allot of questions from readers about the identies of the other finalist in the blogging competition. So, with their permission, here’s the identities of the other 4 brilliant entries from the blogging competition:

Entry #2 – Diplomacy – the hidden quality of a successful

Author: Natalie Sandifer
Title: Website Optimiser for Equi=Media.
About: Natalie have been working within website optimisation for two years, she lives in Swindon, but is originally from Newbury in Berkshire. She lives with her husband and three pet lizards (It seems Sarah isn’t the only one keeping pets out of the ordinary, lizards, rats…brrrrr.)

Entry #3 – PPC decline, AdWords & SEO: Where is online marketing headed?

Author: Sandy Cosser
Title: Content Manager at MediaVision Interactive
About: Sandy got into SEO as she wanted to write for a living, she lives in South Africa with her two dwarf rabbits, Defibrillator and Skittles (yep there is a pet theme in this post). Sandy is a self proclaimed “book worm” and when she is not glued to her laptop she reads anything she can get her hands on (she mentiones Stephen King as a literal god and Terry Pratchett, Charles Dickens and China Mieville as saints).

Entry #4 – 15 Must-Follow Tips for Live Tweeting Conferences

Author: Joanna Butler
Title: SEO Strategist at Lattitude Group
About: Joanna has worked as a designer and developer for 8 years before falling into SEO. She tought herself HTML at the age of 14 and is a self proclaimed “geek”. She’s a keen blogger and recenly moved down to London from Nottingham.

Entry #5 – What Small Businesses Need From Search Marketers

Author: Mary Bowling
Title: Director of Search Marketing at SEOoverflow
About: Mary has been an internet marketer since 2003 and has a particular keen interest in all aspects of Local Search marketing. Mary is a regular speaker at Search conferences such as SMX and SES and lives in Denver (US).

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