The WINNER(S) of the SEO Next Generation Competition are..


We have had some fabulous entries to the SEO Next Generation competition, it has taken us a while to read through them all and score each entry. There were some hilarious, thought provoking and truly original entries, and we would like to thank everyone that entered for their time and effort. Our white, grey and one slightly blackish hat goes off to you.


Soooo, get to the point I hear you all say, who won? Well, that’s the thing, we couldn’t really agree on ONE winner so after much deliberation and one phone call to our friends at SES London (who VERY kindly gave us another FULL Conference pass to SES London) we hereby announce the JOINT WINNERS:

ANDY COONEY from Red or Blue Digital with his entry:
SEO in 2022: What has TV and Film Taught Us


Andy’s  post was typical SEO Chicks humour with a dollop of Star Trek reference and silliness. We thought it was hilarious and was snort laughing on both sides of the Atlantic. A little exerpt from Andy’s  post: “Ponder this, If you change the o’s in Google to read ky, swap the e with l, change the l to a t, then make the g’s; s and n, it reads SKYNET. Pretty compelling evidence that Matt Cutts is in fact a machine, and soon enough Google (or as we now know Skynet) will be plunging the world into a nuclear apocalypse.”


BOB MEINKE from Bruce Clay (US) with his entry:
The Optimized Future: SEO  in the Year 2022

Bob’s blogpost had us all nodding, he made some great points and probably some very accurate predictions. For someone new to the industry he certainly knows his onions (that’s a British expression for “know your stuff”). Here’s an exerpt from Bob’s blogpost: “AR devices track a wealth of data about what wearers see, say and do – and Google and other search engines are now using that data to measure what they’ve been after all along: user attention. After all, aren’t links and Likes just crude proxies for user attention?”

BOTH Andy & Bob get FULL CONFERENCE Passes to SES London (including the training day on day 1) + 3 months mentoring with the SEO-Chicks. Congratulations!

The Runner Up

In second place we have Anthony Raymond from Keyword Researcher with his entry: SEO in the Year 2022 Which was thought provoking and very well written. As a runner up prize we have got a SES London Expo ticket for Anthony (which gives access to all the keynotes and networking events in addition to the expo hall).

We would also like to give a few special mentions and ‘shout outs’ to:

– The MEC Manchester crew who submitted 4 entries
– James Finlayson at Red or Blue digital who wrote a hilarious post with the best reference to “cock thrusting” ever (just read it)
– Caroline Evans for starting a blog so she could write her entry, A+ for effort!  You rock Caroline.

Again, congratulations to the Winners and thanks to everyone for taking  part and spreading the word about this competition.

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