And the winnners are…..

After our hunt for two new SEO Chicks, more entries than we could shake a stick at, 5 blogposts published and voted for , we can now finally reveal the winners of the blogging competition (and on our brand spanking NEW website none the less). It was a close call, and opinions were split, there were only a few votes between the second and third ‘most voted for’ blogpost! A big thanks to everyone who participated and entered the blogging competition,and last but not least, a big thank you to everyone who voted for the blogposts!

Drumroll……………………..and the winners of the blogging compeition are:

Entry #1 – Being Anonymous which received 47 votes (21% of the total votes).

The chick behind the post: Sarah Goodwin


Sarah is a UK based SEO, working as a SEO Account Manager for a company in Leeds. She also blogs for, does her fair share of YouMoz posts and tweets under the nickname Yoshimi_s To find out more about Sarah, check out here brand spanking new SEO Chick profile page


Entry #6 – The end of the “So What is it You Actually Do” Question, which received 62 votes (28% of the total votes)

The chick behind the post: Nichola Stott


Nichola used to work for Yahoo Search Marketing before setting up her own consultancy this year, she is also from the UK, making 4 out of 5 SEO Chicks UK based. Nichola’s entry for the SEO Chicks made us all laugh and nod in agreement, a fabulously written blogpost. To find out more about Nichola check out her profile page.

Congratulations to both Sarah and Nichola, we are very excited to have you on board!

The 2 new SEO-Chicks will be interviewed on Searchcowboys in an exclusive podcast next week, so if you would like to get to know them better make sure you tune in.

If your favourite blogpost didn’t make it and you are keen to find out who wrote it, don’t worry, we will write a follow-on blogpost thanking all the contestant for participating and reveal their identities.

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