4 Years of Utter Girly Nonsense

Hi there, it’s me…Julie, the one who used to be prolific here but is no longer due to maddening amounts of chaos in my life that now includes a killer bloodhound, a flock of 6 hens, and a fledgling attic squirrel population. However, considering it’s this site that brought a lot of the aforementioned chaos (ie blogging opportunities and proper business) I should take it a bit more seriously, especially as I’m vacationing with the Viking and her family in August and France is the perfect spot for her to beat my ass, because we’ll all be consuming loads of Camembert and local wine. Oh, and omelettes, because that’s listed as the main vegetarian option in Normandy. Yay.


Anyway, looking back over the years, we’ve had some amazing posts here, and I love finding older articles when I do a search for something industry-related mostly because I love seeing how the industry changes, how what we think about a certain metric or technique goes out of fashion or stands up. With that in mind, here’s a list of the 20 most popular SEO Chicks posts over the past 4 years, for your viewing pleasure.

Do You Want To Rank For Large Fish?
Oh My Christ They Got Facebook
The Local File Google Local Business Hijacking Issues
Top 10 Favourite WordPress Plugins By A Pregnant Chick
Twitter Is Not A Social Media Strategy
How To Get More Followers On Twitter If You’re A Girl And Aren’t All That Interesting
SEOs Should Moonlight
How Keyword Matching Is Just A Little Like Online Dating
Shock Horror Blackhat SEO Discussed At SMX Advanced
Why Relevant Links Are Irrelevant
SEO Sheep Are Baaaaaaad
Google I Don’t Get It! Com vs Co.UK
Even A Blind Hog Finds An Acorn Now And Then
The Best Job In The World
How To Interpret What Your Clients Want
Could A Chimp Do SEO? Heck Yes!
What’s Changed In The Matrix? Ehm I Mean Algos
Yoda’s Ultimate Tool List Part 1: Competitive Research
Our Princess Leia: An Interview With Dazzlin’ Donna
Let’s Talk About Spaceships

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